Reviewing the Replica Omega Seamaster Diver 300M in Black Ceramic

In 2018, Omega introduced its then-latest Seamaster Diver 300M – larger, and in new materials, ceramic and titanium, rendering it more scratch-resistant and lighter in weight. In this feature from the WatchTime archives, we delve into the depths of the timepiece and its Master Chronometer movement.

To mark the 25th anniversary of the Seamaster Diver 300M in 2018, Omega made a huge splash by issuing a new version – updated and modernized with higher quality features and more functionality than ever before, and still at a fair price (click here for a review of that watch). This watch was first introduced as a steel model with a varnished dial, an ETA-based Omega Caliber 2500 and a folding clasp with a divers’ extension that cost around $3,500. The newer generation offers a laser-cut ceramic dial, the super-modern in-house 8800 movement and an improved clasp with additional quick-action extension at a price of $5,200. Unchanged, of course, are the skeletonized sword-shaped hands, water resistance to 300 meters, a helium-escape valve at 10 o’clock and a metal bracelet. The overall diameter of the watch was enlarged from 41 to 42 mm.

Modern Materials
For the newer models, Omega took the next step. The Seamaster Diver 300M is now available as a scratch-resistant and more lightweight model in ceramic and titanium. This watch, which we tested, is available on a rubber strap with a ceramic prong buckle or on a NATO strap with a brushed buckle and a titanium loop. (For either version, watch fans must accept a considerable jump in price, to $8,100.) The newest edition has a 43.5-mm case and a nicely balanced dial, omitting the date indication at 6 o’clock. Also, the stylized waves are not laser cut into a polished dial but now stand out in relief with alternating polished and matte surfaces.

Ceramic characterizes the entire design. Not only does the dial have polished and matte sections, so does the case with its ergonomically shaped lugs. Particularly pleasing is that Omega uses the same ceramic material for the prong buckle and also for the curving shapes of the case.

The rubber strap attaches seamlessly to the case and continues the fluid lines of the lugs. Running along its length are three wide matte strips and two raised strips with a brushed- finish look. The material appears at first to be quite thin, but once it’s on, the strap feels great, and despite the large case size, the watch fits perfectly, even on narrow wrists. The strap material may feel uncomfortable on really warm days – even Omega has yet to discover anything to prevent perspiration.

High Quality Overall
Every component – from the ceramic dial and brushed titanium hands, the ceramic and titanium case, and even the rubber strap with its ceramic buckle – displays the highest quality and reminds us that Omega Replica has long been a top brand among watch manufacturers.

Turning the watch over reveals even more of its superior quality. The first thing you may notice is the engraved lettering, “Diver 300M,” which is always centered thanks to a patented bayonet closure known as the Naiad lock. Then your eye may be drawn to the polished wavelike notches along the edge of the caseback that encircle the brushed inner ring. And then you’re rewarded with a view of the beating heart of the watch – the accurate, individually decorated and fully antimagnetic in-house 8806 movement.

This variation of the 8800 caliber has no date indication. The technical advantages remain the same – the oscillating weight winds the watch in both directions to provide an above-average power reserve of 55 hours. The silicon hairspring ensures very good rate results even when subjected to the effects of fluctuating temperatures and impacts. The balance wheel is fastened more securely beneath a bridge so that, thanks to poising weights, the oscillating system “breathes” freely. And last but not least, the Omega co-axial escapement with its multilevel pallets and escape wheel ensures a consistent transfer of impulse for even better rate results.

Master Chronometer
All the constructive advantages of the company’s own in-house movements meant that Omega was no longer satisfied with the rate tests conducted by the official Swiss testing agency COSC. For the past several years, Omega has subjected its watches to additional testing by METAS, the Swiss national metrology institute. Here, the fully assembled timepieces undergo tests for functional reliability, rate results, water resistance, power reserve and resistance to extreme magnetic fields of 15,000 gauss.

A watch that passes all of these tests is certified by METAS as a Master Chronometer. Due to the large number of watches Omega produces, the testing agency has established an office in the Omega building in Bienne. The independence of the tests, ensured by both contractual partners, is guaranteed at all times.

And our test watch? It performed as promised, both on the timing machine and on the wrist. The electronic test showed a rate of +3.8 seconds per day and only +3 seconds on the wrist. Values in the individual positions showed only a 2-second deviation – something that very few watch brands have achieved in our tests.

Over and Under Water
Anyone who wants to wear the Seamaster Diver 300M as an everyday watch will be thrilled with its comfortable feel, the accuracy of the in-house movement, and the fact that the ceramic prong buckle remains completely free of scratches even after weeks of wear. Our real-life test in the early summer months showed that it is reliable and comfortable to wear while swimming, playing tennis and biking.

And anyone who actually dives with a luxury watch will appreciate the brightly glowing luminescent coating, the high degree of water resistance (to a depth of 300 meters), and the scratch-resistant case material that neither coral nor the metal parts of the diving equipment can harm.

Of course, the watch is only suitable for warm diving locations where no wet suit is needed because of its standard-length rubber strap. And when you don’t need to wear diving gloves, the polished surfaces on the rotating bezel are less of an issue. While even a diving titan cannot do everything, this one can still do quite a lot.

The Allure of Replica Omega Watches: An Affordable Luxury

Omega watches are known for their exceptional craftsmanship, precision, and timeless appeal. However, their steep price tags often place them out of reach for many watch enthusiasts. Replica Omega watches offer a more accessible option, allowing individuals to experience the allure of owning a luxury timepiece without breaking the bank. In this article, we will explore the reasons behind the popularity of replica Omega watches, their attention to detail, the ethical considerations involved, and their impact on the watch industry.

Accessible Luxury
Replica Omega watches provide an opportunity for individuals to enjoy the luxury and prestige associated with the Omega brand at a more affordable price. These replicas offer a similar design aesthetic to the original watches, allowing watch enthusiasts to experience the elegance and style that Omega is renowned for without the high price tag.

Attention to Detail
Manufacturers of replica Omega watches strive to replicate the intricate details found in authentic Omega timepieces. From the design of the case and dial to the movement and functionality of the watch, replicas aim to closely resemble the originals. While they may not possess the same level of craftsmanship as genuine Omegas, replicas still capture the essence of the brand’s iconic designs.

Varied Quality and Selection
It is important to note that the quality and selection of replica Omega watches can vary greatly. Some manufacturers invest in high-quality materials and craftsmanship, providing replicas that closely resemble the original watches in terms of both appearance and performance. However, others may produce lower-quality replicas, compromising on materials and accuracy. It is crucial for buyers to research and choose reputable manufacturers to ensure a satisfactory product.

Ethical Considerations
The replica watch industry faces ethical concerns due to copyright infringement and intellectual property violations. Omega invests significant resources into research, development, and innovation to create their distinctive timepieces. Replicas that imitate these designs without permission pose a challenge to the intellectual property rights of the original creators. It is important for consumers to be aware of these ethical implications when purchasing replica Omega watches.

Impact on the Watch Industry
The rise in popularity of replica Omega watches has had an impact on the watch industry as a whole. The availability of affordable replicas has created a parallel market, attracting customers who may not have considered owning an authentic Omega due to its high price. This has prompted luxury watch brands to emphasize the exclusivity, heritage, and craftsmanship associated with their products, distinguishing themselves from replicas.

Personal Choice and Enjoyment
Ultimately, the decision to purchase a replica Omega watch is a personal one. Some individuals appreciate the opportunity to own a timepiece that resembles an Omega at a more affordable price, allowing them to enjoy the brand’s aesthetics and style. However, others may prioritize owning an authentic luxury watch and value the craftsmanship and prestige associated with it. It is important to acknowledge that replica Omega watches offer an accessible way to experience the allure of a luxury brand, but buyers should consider their own preferences and values before making a purchase.

Replica Omega watches provide a more accessible entry into the world of luxury timepieces, allowing individuals to experience the elegance and design of an Omega watch without the hefty price tag. However, buyers should be mindful of the ethical concerns surrounding replica production and carefully choose reputable manufacturers to ensure a satisfactory product. As the demand for replicas continues, the watch industry will continue to evolve, adapting to maintain the exclusivity and appeal of authentic luxury watches.